Reblog: APEX as a PWA

Reblog of a complete guide on how to make an APEX application a Progressive Web Application, which was kindly shared with us by Vincent Morneau

Reblog: APEX as a PWA

In the most recent APEX AskTOM Office Hours I heard a question about turning an APEX application into a PWA. I didn't know about the fact such a term existed before that moment. And now we have a complete guide on how to make a PWA from an Oracle APEX application.

You could think I only reblog articles by Vincent Morneau, because I'm his fan. And though this is not true (he is not the only one whose fan I am), I definitely think that every blog post composed by him is a true golden nugget.

And this complete guide on how to turn an APEX application to a PWA is not an exception. PWA (or Progressive Web Application) - is a web application which is a traditional website (or set of web pages), but can appear to the user like a native mobile or a traditional application, which also work offline. This guide, which consists of eight parts and a demo, will introduce you to this world and Oracle APEX's place in it. Enjoy the reading!

Thanks, Vincent, for the great effort which you applied to compose such a complete instruction and for sharing it with us! I'm quite assured that such pieces of knowledge should be shared amongst more people and hope my 2 cent will help here a little.