What's this all about?

What's this all about?

In the article I am going to answer these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why have I started this blog?
  • How does this site work?

So, let's begin with the first. My name is Denis Savenko, my nickname is ZZa, you can meet it on StackOverflow and other websites. And answering the question in advance, it is not an abbreviation or something, just letters, which are the closest to my left hand when it is on a keyboard :-) I am originally from Omsk, Russia, it is a city in Western Siberia with very cold and long winters, so as you can see I am used to challenges from my very birthday. Now I live in Vienna, Austria.

I graduated from Omsk State University, the faculty of Computer Sciences in 2010, though my passion for technology started many years before that. I was lucky enough to be born in a family where there was a computer since early 90-s (this is a very rare occasion for my home town), and even though my parents did not allow me to use it for a long time at once, I managed to nurture big interest of it in myself.

I started my career as an ISP network administrator the days I was studying in the university. I was in charge of maintaining stability of a network of about 1000 customers' organizations. Those days I introduced myself to *nix-like operation systems such as FreeBSD and Red Hat Linux (because our gateway servers were powered by them). Although, being a system and a network administrator did not last long for me - after two years I decided to change my career and became a software developer.

Now I am a database team lead and a solutions engineer in the company I work for at once. I specialize on SQL, PL/SQL, #SmartDB paradigm, Oracle Database itself and everything which relates to these all. I have more than 9 years experience in it at the time I am writing these words. I also was always interested in web development, so recently I started to pick up APEX and currently I am very eager to develop my skills in it. I am always determined to learn new ways to do my job, to do it more effectively and with less effort.

If you want to contact me, please, use my LinkedIn profile and just drop me a message there.

Why have I started this blog?

There are actually several reasons of it:

  • One of the best ways to learn is to Teach What You’ve Learned to Another Person. And this does work. When you try to express fresh knowledge in words, you consolidate it, and, on the other hand, by explaining something to others, you structure your knowledge and remember things better.
  • To keep my own notes and how-to's. I realized that through time some of my skills and knowledge tend to melt away. Especially when I don't use this thing in particular on every day basis. This happened, for example, to my *nix systems administration skills. I recently caught myself googling for an instruction on how to configure a network connection in CentOS (because of two things actually - it appeared I totally forgot the ifconfig syntax and, which surprised me even more, they just got rid of ifconfig totally). So, saving my notes is helpful for myself in the first place, and if they could help somebody else, this is just wonderful.
  • To show who I am to the world and market myself. Not long ago I came across an article which made me think a lot. And though I surely have some trail on StackOverflow, I still think I could contribute more to the community.
  • To improve my english and writing skills. I am not a native speaker, so, doing this blog is a good way for me to practise the language.

How does this site work?

Maybe you came here to find out how this blog works. So, there is absolutely no secret in it:

  • This site is hosted on my own very tiny server, which is connected to my home internet connection. Since that be ready to see my blog down sometimes due to the fact I have neither any reserve power supply nor spare internet connection. However, the server is on 24/7, so, I'm doing everything I can :-)
  • The server is powered by CentOS Linux with apache httpd and nodejs installed. You could find out more on how the installation process was going in the related posts.
  • The blog itself is powered by Ghost blogging platform, which was made by developers for developers and could be obtained for your server anytime. And what I liked about it the most is that it is just as simple as a pie when you finish installing it.

Hope I successfully answered the questions which appeared in your head about me and my blog. Stay tuned!