Reblog: Oracle Database + APEX + JavaScript/Python = Awesome!

Check out a new fascinating MLE feature in APEX and Oracle Database. It will soon allow us have server-side database and APEX code written in JavaScript and Python.

Reblog: Oracle Database + APEX + JavaScript/Python = Awesome!

How cool it could be if you were able to write your server-side code in database and APEX applications using any language of your preference? What about a mixture of them? There's a new feature, called MLE or Multilingual Engine which is going to allow you do this all! But don't tell anybody! It's a secret!

The MLE feature is based on the GraalVM project and is planned to be part of Oracle Database in some future. However, it's already possible to estimate how it works in APEX with JavaScript and Python right now (other languages and more complete support are still under development). To do so, check out the most recent announcement by Joel Kallman with loads of practical examples. Enjoy the reading and don't forget to try it yourself!

More languages always mean more possibilities and wider community. This feature will enable us to see JavaScript, Python and Java developers joining our database and APEX pride in some time.

And the more people involved the more job is done and the better future we have for our favourite technology!