Oracle APEX AskTOM Office Hours are here!

Oracle has just announced Oracle APEX AskTOM Office Hours and they are going to be legen.. wait for it.. dary!

Oracle APEX AskTOM Office Hours are here!

This is not a joke - they finally announced the Oracle APEX AskTOM Office Hours and they are going to be legen... wait for it... dary! Legendary!

What are these AskTOM Office Hours?

Ask your question on AskTOM
For every member of Oracle community, it's redundant to explain what AskTOM website is and what the original purpose was - it is StackOverflow for all Oracle developers (Database and others), but better. Originally, it was led by Tom Kyte, but now he is in his well deserved retirement and a team of the Oracle Masters took over.

Then, relatively recently, they started a new initiative - Office Hours - they are online one-hour questions-and-answers sessions, open for each and everyone, and this is just awesome! Why? Because you have a chance to ask any question to people, who are in charge of development of Oracle technologies - and who could know them better than them?

What happened just now then?

There were a lot of different Office Hours - dedicated to SQL, PL/SQL, Database Administration, Database Security, Upgrades and Migrations, Backup and Recovery and many many others, but not APEX ones! And this has been just changed - on the 28th of June there's going to be the very first session totally dedicated to Oracle APEX and it is going to be led by first people in APEX community.

What I also wanted to add is that you should not underestimate Office Hours initiative - it gives those, for whom it is quite hard to attend world-level conferences (like me), a chance to dive into community, to get answers on their questions, to expand their knowledge of the technology, and to spread their professional networks by connecting with other attendees.

Join me on those sessions! And don't forget to come up with interesting questions! Here is a convenient link for you to subscribe:

Oracle APEX AskTOM Office Hours