- the fastest privacy-first public DNS-service

One of the fastest public DNS service with awesome addresses and is out! - the fastest privacy-first public DNS-service

DNS stands for domain name server. It is the application which translates a domain name into an IP address. This is how the Internet works - every time we make a request to a domain, we need it to be translated into a network address first and only then the connection is established.

And most of users use DNS services provided by their ISPs. They work well, but these DNS services are sometimes slow, not reliable and do not care about our privacy - they may collect our requests and then sell this information to somebody who you do not want it to be sold.

And that's why we often use (me definitely) some reliable alternatives which are called public DNS services, for example by Google or Yandex. And recently CloudFlare announced a brand new service in this area which is even better.

The addresses

They are extremely easy to remember. The new DNS service is available on these addresses:


I do not know how many souls they sold to obtain these IPs, but they are awesome.

The performance

I did not test the performance myself, but there are some tests which were already done for us:
Public DNS Comparison

The privacy

The new service by CloudFlare has really strong commitment not to use your browser data to target ads, but also, which is even more important to my mind, it wipes all browsing logs within 24 hours. Nice!

So, this appears to be one of the best April Fool's jokes this year. Which is, actually, not a joke at all, but a service which makes the Internet a better place! I do not know about you, but me personally already set up these new DNS records on my router with the highest priority.